Who Are We?

Rocky Creek Church of Christ is located in Lucedale, Mississippi off of Hwy 63 on Rocky Creek Road. We have approximately 130 in attendance, 3 elders, and 5 deacons. Our pulpit minister is Stephen Crigler who began his work with the congregation September 6, 2009.

Our Church History:

In 1935 the Adams' donated some land to the church which had a dwelling house on it and the Rocky Creek church then began to meet there. The location of the house was about where the present building is.

In the early 1940's a wooden church building and a "preacher's house" were built in the same location as the dwelling house. A number of years later a brick section was built on to the front of the wooden building. Then in the early to mid 1960's the present building and "preacher's house" were built...again at the same location. It is said that the nails were pounded out of the boards of the old building and the boards were used in the construction of the new building. In 1978-79 the auditorium was refurbished. In 1980 another building was constructed (to the left of the church building) which is now the fellowship building.

Those who have served as full-time preachers for the Rocky Creek church include Everette Day, O.L. Winborn, George Harding, Horace Mix, Houston Eubanks, Woodrow Plyler (November 1952-June 1955), Jerry Buchanan, E.W. Wade (July 1962-Aug 1962), Beryl Bodenham (Aug 1962-May 1963), Curtis Mallette (June 1963-September 1963), W.B. Hughes (October 1963-August 1967), Billy D. Hilyer (September 1967-October 1969), Howard Woolridge (January 1970-August 1973), Noble Lee McKnight (September 1973-May 1978), Douglas Cook (August 1978-May 1981), Steve Housley (May 1979-August 1979 Summer Work) (August 1981-November 1987) , Don Myers (June 1988-Dec 2000), Scott Dutton (October 2001-June 2004), Jimmie Holland (Youth Minister) (May 2004-December 2005), James Zack Krug August 2004-August 2008) and our current preacher, Stephen Crigler (September 2009)